Scotland fostering allowances - email your MSPs

Time is running out for the Scottish Government to fulfil their manifesto pledge and introduce a national minimum foster care allowance.

In 2016, the Scottish National Party was elected on a manifesto that promised to introduce a new national allowance for kinship care and foster care. The Government must now honour that commitment and bring Scotland into line with the rest of the UK.

Foster carers need the protection of a national minimum allowance to make sure they can provide for the children in their care. However, our latest survey of fostering services shows that more than half of local authorities have frozen their allowances for at least two years.

The Scottish Government has a duty to look after every child in its care. However, Scotland’s children are being short-changed by a system that allows drastically different foster care allowances depending on where a child lives.

With every delay, the Government is relying on the goodwill of foster carers to make up the shortfall in the costs of caring for a child, which can be thousands of pounds a year.

Please write to your MSPs asking them to contact the First Minister to urge her to fulfil her manifesto pledge and end this inequality.